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By Jack & James

Augmented Reality - the virtual showstopper

Thirsty? Scroll to learn more about our Pfister Faucets augmented reality experience at KBIS.


To educate KBIS attendees about their patented Xtract filtration process, Pfister turned to Trainrobber to visualize water purification in a way that had never been done before. We designed and developed a virtual faucet, complete with piping, a functioning on/off switch, and even tiny contaminants (“Jobbies”) that met their demise at the hands of Xtract.

At the 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, thousands of people visiting the Pfister booth were enthralled with a working faucet... that wasn't there.

"The technology proved to be a very effective way to illustrate the functionality in our filter innovation. The marriage of tech and style was a terrific blend that we will look to repeat in the future.” - Matt Zimmer, VP Marketing, Pfister Faucets

  • KBIS Attendees 0
  • Average time spent at AR display (minutes) 0
  • "JOBBIES" Eliminated 0 2,800,000